Few people are lucky enough to be in at the start of an entirely new visual medium, especially one as exciting as embossed Holography. David Pizzanelli has seen the medium grow in to a global business. At Hollusions Ltd, his research into surface-relief holograms led to the production of the first embossed rainbow hologram in Europe. At SEE 3 (Holograms) Ltd, David made surface-relief hologram masters for a range of clients. At Light Impressions Ltd, David worked on projects for national ID cards (Pakistan), banknotes (Vietnam), tax seals (Hungary) and novel optical technology for the Italian Mint. David has a PhD in Holography from the Royal College of Art, and served as an elected Board Member, Chairman and Director of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association. David has worked as an expert witness in banknote litigations and as a consultant in the field Holography, anti-counterfeiting and authentication, including Adversarial Analysis for optical banknote features. In 2014 David was awarded the IHMA’s Brian Monaghan Lifetime Award for Business Innovation.

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On the 8th June 2022, Reuters broke the story that a deposit of 31 million metric tonnes of gold ore had been found in Uganda with extractable pure gold estimated to gross 320,000 metric tonnes, worth $12 trillion USD at current market prices. According to the World Gold Council, the global gold reserves are estimated to be around 205,238 metric tonnes with a value of $10.8 trillion USD.  Video :  clickhere



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A Return to the Gold Standard