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‘Man on a White Horse’ - Victoria & Albert Museum collection

Display Holograms
As well as having a career in commercial Holography, pioneering the process of making embossed rainbow holograms in the UK, David Pizzanelli found time to make some display holograms when he did a PhD in Holography at the Royal College of Art in London. David Pizzanelli's work has been exhibited at several venues, including the Tate Gallery in Liverpool and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

David’s holograms are included in the hologram collection  
Jonathan Ross and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Temporal Parallax
For his PhD thesis David researched ways in which the
temporal parallax in old movies could be converted into stereoscopic three-dimensional images. His studies of photographic history led him to the realisation that Edweard Muybridge's method of  using an array of cameras to record a sequence of human or animal locomotion, were similar to those used to create holographic stereograms. Making copies of Muybridge's originals in the V&A Museum in London, Pizzanelli was able to produce three-dimensional animated holograms of scenes first recorded by Muybridge over one hundred years ago.