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Few people are lucky enough to be in at the start of an entirely new visual medium, especially one as exciting as holography. David Pizzanelli participated in making the first embossed rainbow hologram in Europe.  He worked as a director of Hollusions Ltd, and SEE 3 Holograms Ltd, and as a holographer and sales & marketing manager at Light Impressions Ltd.

One of the pioneers of embossed holograms, David Pizzanelli now provides independent consultancy services for government departments, financial institutions, and brand owners. With over 40 years experience of brand protection and document security, he provides independent guidance in the field of Holograms, DOVIDs, and OVDs that are used to protect banknotes, passports, tax stamps and other government documents, as well as commercial products and packaging.

David attained a PhD in Holography at the Royal College of Art and has had his display holograms exhibited in several galleries, including the Tate Gallery Liverpool and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

David Pizzanelli