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David Pizzanelli  

Consultant Holographer

The Lifecycle of Banknotes:

The banknote industry is tight knit and its information is carefully controlled. Consequently, there are very few publications that report on the lifecycle of banknotes. Based on exclusive primary research and leveraging Smithers Pira's network of contacts and industry reports, The Lifecycle of Banknotes is the definitive market report for the banknote industry. Despite the growth of alternate methods of payment, such as plastic cards and online payment, the overall use of cash has not declined and the number of notes in circulation continues to rise. This report provides exclusive strategic analysis on banknote markets - essential reading.”  - Smithers Pira



The Future of Banknote Technology

“Demand for cash is increasing - even as cashless payment options proliferate - and central banks face a wider range of choice in the fight with counterfeiters. The Future of Banknote Technology assesses in detail each of the established and emerging technologies used in banknote production, and forecasts how the technologies are likely to evolve over the next ten years. Containing exclusive quantitative and qualitative forecasts for more than 50 technologies, this major new study is the ultimate planning tool for central banks, high security printers, state printing works and all technology suppliers into this lucrative industry.”  - Smithers Pira



The Lifecycle 
of Banknotes
The Future 
of Banknote