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To view or buy holograms by David Pizzanelli please make an appointment with Jonathan Ross at Gallery 286 Earls Court Road, London SW5 9AS on mobile: 07747 807576 Email:

Some of David’s  holograms  are in the Jonathan Ross Collection . Some are one-off plates, whilst others are from limited editions - a few copies are still available.

Gallery 286

Gallery 286

Holograms and Lenticulars require specialist equipment and expertise to make physical plates & prints; however, Phantograms can easily be given away as digital files, so that you can get them printed onto paper or canvas, via your local large-format printer.

Some of David’s Phantograms are available for free as NFTs on OpenSea Download digital artwork from The 3-D Adventures of Damien Shark for a pair of canvas prints and from ‘The Fiat Apes’ for paper prints. More NFTs may be made available soon.

The first in a series of
Floral Phantograms for a pair of 30”x 30” canvas prints is available to download  here: Fire_Dahlia