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David Pizzanelli  

Consultant Holographer

The Future of Anti-Counterfeiting, Brand Protection and Security Packaging  available from Smithers-Pira: “The Future of Anti-Counterfeiting, Brand Protection and Security Packaging  is the latest, completely updated edition of this well-established report. With in-depth analysis and a thorough breakdown of the security industry, this is the essential report to keep you ahead of your competitors and the counterfeiters”.

A Review of the Hologram Image Register available to IHMA Members from the Secretariat of the Hologram Manufacturers Association  The Hologram Image Register has been described as the "jewel in the crown" of the IHMA - a unique register of security holograms in currently in use to authenticate security documents and commercial products across the world.

Ten-year Forecasts of Disruptive Technologies in  Security Printing

available from Smithers-Pira “This major new report identifies and profiles the top-25 disruptive technologies that can be expected to affect the global security printing industry over the next ten years. It includes thorough definitions and descriptions of the technologies, assessment of their potential impact, and exclusive technology forecasts. Ten Year Forecasts of Disruptive Technologies in Security Printing: the essential planning and strategy guide, providing exclusive analysis and ten-year forecasts, detailing how current and emerging trends will shape the future of security printing” - Smithers-Pira

The Future of Global Security Printing

available from Smithers-Pira “The Future of Security Printing is the result of an exhaustive primary research programme incorporating an anonymous survey of industry leaders, including responses from across the security printing value chain. In addition, a range of secondary sources were consulted, including literature and patent searches looking at technologies relating to security printing and engineering, as well as scientific journals and conference papers. The report provides a unique depth of information and analysis” - Smithers-Pira


The Future of Security Paper

available from Smithers-Pira “Security paper has a long-established history as an industry of printed documents; today, however, private, valuable and controlled information is now widely stored electronically. In response, the security paper industry is evolving in order to stay relevant and competitive.” - Smithers-Pira