Independent consultancy, research and evaluation of authentication technologies for document and product security     

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David Pizzanelli  

Consultant Holographer

Holography Consultant:

Advice and consultancy for  brand owners and government departments wanting to commission a custom hologram, OVD or DOVID - from guidance on selecting types of hologram and choice of suppliers, through to full project-management ensuring production conforms to specified parameters, often saving thousands of pounds to the client.
Security Features Evaluation, Counterfeit and Adversarial Analysis:
Consultancy regarding the efficacy of different types of optical feature and the ways in which features can be simulated or duplicated by counterfeiters. Analysis and evaluation of counterfeit features found on fake and security documents (banknotes, passports, etc.) and guidance on improving security features.

Market Analysis for Brand Protection, Security Printing and Optical Authentication :
Marketing and technology reports, articles & studies on anti-counterfeiting technologies, banknotes, brand protection and security printing.

Training & Presentations:
Workshops, courses and tutorials on Holography, Document Security, Anti-Counterfeit Techniques.
Expert Witness Testimony:
Expert witness as one skilled in the art of Holography and Optical Security & Authentication; the duty of an expert witness is to the Court by providing knowledge in a fair and impartial manner.
Patent Claim & Description Analysis:
dvice in the capacity of someoneskilled-in-the-art” to PhD level in Holography and expert in the field of document and product security with regard to patents and inventions in the field.
Arbitration Facilitator:
For situations involving two parties with an ongoing dispute that requires arbitration, such as between a client and supplier on a matter relating to Holography, avoiding costly litigation.

David Pizzanelli provides independent consultancy services in the area of Anti-Counterfeiting, Security Documents and Brand Protection these services include:.

Estimates and quotations provided for any of the above services: